Most don’t think much about that toilet seat until we feel there is something that is disturbing us and making us feel uncomfortable when we are to finish our business and get on with the day’s activity, Therefore it is essential to have a good toilet seat selected before we start using them. Even to this day the amount of importance that is given to the toilet seats and the toilets in Japan are much more than any country their principle is that if there is an improvement in the toilet seats here will be an improvement in every other field , they have proved this in real time, and there is sure possibility of this happening to every other person who takes special care of a toilet seat.

Here are a few things that can be done to have a really good toilet seat.

Determine the shape of the toilet

This is the most important task to begin with, though there are only two shapes of toilet available in the market today and there are no other shapes yet it is essential to pick the right sized and right shaped toilet else it will be easy to make a mistake in this and use a very uncomfortable toilet seat thus always before going to shop for a toilet seat make sure that you find out the size of the toilet seat that you have and then go shopping for the toilet seat and also make sure that you check the size of the toilet seat that you have hence you will be sure of the toilet seat that you need to have in your home.

Decided the toilet mount.

This is another important thing that we miss out while we buying the toilet seat is the toilet mount. There are only 2 types of toilet mounts that are available in the market today, and they are the old bolt and nut mount, and the integral bot and nut mount the conventional bolt, and nut mount is always the best as it easy to screw and unscrew it unlike the integral bolt and nut system as the bolts will have to be drilled out and in to be fitted.

Pick the comfortable seat material.

This the next most important thing. The seats come in different material like plastic, ceramic, wood, fiberglass and the best pick the heated toilet seat. Each of these materials have their pros and cons in a plastic seat it will be very cold during the winters, in ceramic seats if not handled with at most care it else it can break, wooden seat is naturally warm but it will be stained and will dirty due to the bowl cleaners, heated seats are the best option as they not only have a very  long life but also are heated and will be very comfortable during the winters. shop for the saniflo toilets they have some of the best toilets in the country, and they are also known to give some very good suggestions.

5 Things to consider in the selection of a toilet seat

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