Isn’t it nice to wake up feeling excited and go out of your house to look at the work of art you’ve made? Because fences can be works of art. It only takes some imagination, dedication and creativity to transform that bland backyard of yours to an instant getaway from stress. If you’re feeling suffocated inside the house or tired of dealing with the kids for today, then a good view might just be the thing to cheer you up. Aside from your garden, fences can also give your yard a nice look to it that would surely make you feel happy when you spend your time outdoors.

Types of Fences

There are so many types of fences to choose from that it can be quite overwhelming for a beginner. Even those who’ve tried using them would often want to try out new designs to improve the ones they already have. Backyard fences are especially popular nowadays. Whether you only intend to keep the neighbor’s dog away from your property or keep nosy neighbors from spying on you,-we all have our own reasons for wanting to have fences for our backyards.

backyard fence designs

Depending on the type you want, there’s a lot on the market to choose from. In order to help you out, we reached out to Pro Line Fencing, a Grand Rapids fence company, for some tips.  Here’s what they had to say.  If you’re after complete privacy, then you would do well using tall and completely paneled fences. If you want to have only some partial privacy and an elegant look to your yard, then lattice wooden fences would be perfect. You could even put some hanging vines on them to complete the look. There’s also the famous picket fence which is the traditional backyard fence used in American homes. They are short and only meant to keep pets and kids inside while still permitting you to see the world outside and the world to see you as well. This is good if you want to show off your backyard.

Choose The Right Materials

Besides the type of fence, you should also know about the materials that you would use. If you’re not hiring a professional, then head on over to Home Depot to stock up on supplies.  Are you going to go for wooden fences? They are much affordable but they can break and rot more easily than other fences. Vinyl on the other hand, is a lot more expensive but it can last for a longer time. It can also resist more outside factors like the weather and heat of the sun. Chain link fences with panels are good for security purposes because they are much stronger, while putting natural fences are excellent ways to make your backyard more beautiful. So what will it be?

Decide On The Theme For Your Fence

The last thing you should consider is the theme of your backyard. Are you going for an Asian themed backyard? Then bamboo panels should make that work. It will give your yard a Zen like look. What about modern and chic style? Plain white solid fence would make that happen. It’s solid and no patterns are seen, making it look neater. If you want an English garden look for your backyard, then use rose bushes instead of actual an actual backyard fence. Quite frankly, there are so many options to choose from, so choose wisely!  If you need any help or tips, just let us know in the comments!

Choosing The Right Fence For Your Backyard

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