A number of architectural events take place throughout the year. These events are arranged to bring architects, interior designers, constructors, manufacturers and everyone involved in this industry together under the same platform. Here are the top events of the year.

Festival of Architecture
Date: 01 January – 31 December 2016
Venue: Edinburgh, UK

It is a year-long celebration in Scotland which is led by The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland. This event brings Scottish architecture to life. Events include birthdays and anniversaries of famous architects and historical events.

Interior & Buildex
Date: 10 September – 11 September 2016
Venue: Mangalore, India

It is an international architectural, interior, building, construction and decoration exhibition. It is a great platform for business and communication experts in the building, construction, interior, and decoration industry. There will be exhibitions from consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, importers, exporters and more. This event will showcase a massive range of products and services for the growing real estate market.

Natural Building Techniques inspired from Traditional Constructions
Date: 17 September – 25 September 2016
Venue: Athens, Greece

It is an 8-day long international workshop to promote environmentally friendly architecture. It is aimed for young students of architecture. There will be a discussion on the rediscovery of environmentally friendly construction techniques. Speakers will talk about understanding sustainable building principles. There will be guided tours to prehistoric settlements.

Design + Build Workshop
Date: 10 September – 11
Venue: Sierra Leone, Africa

There will be workshops on sustainable building techniques. You will get insight into various building techniques and architectural styles.

These events provide great networking opportunities. You get to learn a lot of new things related to architecture. You must visit some of these events.