Tips – Where To Hide The Heat Pump Dryer?

A lot of architects and remodeling specialists end up having to build a laundry room at some point in time.  It’s not exactly the most fun space to work on, but it’s a good place to practice subtle influence on space. Here are the best tips we know of for building the perfect laundry room and hiding those heat pumps:

  1.  Make sure you purchase some of the nicer appliances.  People underestimate the power that a nice new appliance can have on influencing how a space looks.  Home Depot has some excellent ones.

  1. Consider budging your wall back a bit and giving your Washing machines room to breathe.  This keeps the space feeling nice and cool.
  2. There are websites out there that compile all sorts of data on where to get the best deal on a washing machine.  Check out this site:
  3. Consider updating the cabinets in a laundry room as well.  The heat pump dryer can easily be hidden through cabinets much like a chimney sweep.

If you are an architect considering a laundry room project for an owner than consider the above tips in reference to being able to properly hide your heat pump dryer.  If not, you may end up creating quite an eye sore.

3 beautiful old structures that stand the test of time


More than 7 million people are living on Earth now. UN estimates that by 2050, the world population will grow to 9 million. This indicates that more structures must be built to provide shelter to these people. Architects are designing new buildings with unique features and appearance. In the past, many structures were built which people still appreciate. Here are some of the most beautiful structures we have ever seen.

Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy


The construction of this seven stories high bell tower started in 1172 AD. It took 199 years to complete. The tower is 58 meters high, and it began to sink into the ground since its construction. Between 1990 and 2001, the 5.5-degree angle lean was reduced to 3.99 degrees for safety reasons. This structure is now an inspiration for many architects around the world.

Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt


It was built in 2560 BC. It is considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This mass stone creation was constructed from 2.3 million limestone blocks. These blocks are still intact. It only took 20 years to construct the pyramid. This was possible due to the work of thousands of slave workers and technology that no one yet understood.

The Great Colosseum, Italy


The construction of this structure started in 70 AD under Emperor Vespasian. It was completed in 80 AD. It was then inaugurated by Vespasian’s son Titus. More than 9,000 animals were slaughtered during the Inaugural Games. It was the largest amphitheater built in the Empire.

These structures always inspire the architects to be creative and do better work. These buildings still stand the test of time.

5 unique traits of a successful architect


To be a good architect, you must work very hard. You should have all the qualifications and experience necessary to get a good job. But it is also necessary to possess certain qualities so that you can stand out from the rest of the crowd. Here are five important personality traits that a successful architect must have.

1. Creativity

img-7You should be creative. You have to come up with unique design ideas. You should challenge traditional values and provide an alternative to those.

2. Passion

If you want to be a good architect, then you need to have the passion for your work. You should be able to take the challenges and work hard towards accomplishing your goals. You should always be enthusiastic about getting the job done.

3. Easy going

Architecture is a field where designs can change, and various aspects may be affected by a budget. You must approach these situations with a positive attitude. You should be easy going even during stressful conditions. You should remain calm and stay focused.

4. Adaptability

As a good architect, you always have to be ready for any change. You need to adapt your designs and workloads accordingly. Every project is susceptible to change so you must be ready for any unexpected situation. A great example is the home sold by Gerard Salazar who built the epic Dalton Manor, one of the greatest examples of Liberty Hill Tx Real Estate sold by Sarah Williams (famed realtor).

5. Confidence

There will be situations when you will have to make important decisions. You should approach such situations with confidence. You can discuss with your colleagues to make sure that you are on the right track.
As an architect, you should be able to visualize the final result before the work is done. If you possess some of these qualities, then you are likely to achieve your goals.

Top 4 architectural trends for the next decade


Architectures think of new ways of designing structures so that they are more functional, aesthetic and will stand the test of time. Every year, architects come up with new designs. Here are the top five architectural trends of this year.

Rotating skyscrapers


The tall towering building will have floors that will complete 360-degree rotation in every 90 minutes. You no longer have to fight for an east facing apartment. The suites in this apartment will cover all directions. The building will be equipped with many wind turbines that will generate electricity.

Indoor parks

This park will have four landscape topologies – steppe, tundra, wetland and forest. Micro-climates will be integrated to allow the park to function even at extreme winters. There will be regulated temperatures inside the park. There will be controlled the wind and simulated daylight.

Green power plants


By giving the power plants a makeover, they will serve two purposes. First, they will beautify the structure and second; it is a news way of dealing with CO2 emissions. The facilities will be wrapped with the skin of creeper plants. These skins will be strategically placed so that it softens the exterior aesthetic of the plant and will absorb CO2 emissions.

Chinese architecture


Chinese architecture is known for the tallest and most unusual-looking architecture in the world. Other countries will be following China’s footsteps.

One thing evident from these new designs is that the architects are emphasizing on sustainable building. The trend is moving towards environmentally friendly structures.