The world today is becoming more and more dependent on electronic devices. In the present situation, most of us will not be able to lead a life without laptops and phones. Apart from the devices that we are clinging on to, there are other home appliances that we need.

Nobody can deny the fact that some devices have become mandatory for our survival. Hence it is necessary for us to maintain them properly. One of the important aspects of maintenance is protecting them from power surges. In this article, we will see in detail the several different types of things that we need to do to avoid power surges in our homes.


Whole home surge protection

One of the easiest ways to protect your homes from power surges is by using whole home suppressors. They are capable of protecting your homes from an unwanted increase in the power supply. By installing it, you are actually ensuring the safety of all the electronic devices in your house. While installing, make sure that you hire a licensed electrician to do the job. The suppressors act like a gateway for electricity when it is connected to the service panel.

Give importance to specific devices

Many have this perception the whole house suppressor is enough. But there will be some instances where the suppressors will not be able to handle things. If there is a power surge, then some sensitive electronic devices will be damaged. You do not want to lose some important data and expensive machinery because of your carelessness. Some of the options that you have to protect the electronic devices are power strips, surge stations, and installing an uninterruptible power station (UPS).

Have an extra surge protection

Most of the experts have stated that even if you have proper surge protection installed in your house, it is always better to have certain things. They are UL standard 1449 in the second edition, clamping voltage of 400 or less than that. It is advisable to have less. It should be capable of handling 600 joules. Make sure to protect the hotline, ground line and neutral line. It will be clearly stated in the product description. If the circuits are damaged by a surge, it is important to shut them down immediately.

Make way for electricity

It is essential for that there needs to be a proper escape for the additional electricity. Since this is something related to house wiring, it is essential to check that it is done properly.

Plugging matters

It is always better to have separate plugging for devices that consume high power like air conditioners, heaters, and refrigerators. No matter what they should share their plugging with any other devices. By sharing the same plug, you are putting the other electronic devices at risk. There are good possibilities that both will be damaged if there is a power surge.


Things To Do To Protect Your House From A Power Surge

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