A lot of architects and remodeling specialists end up having to build a laundry room at some point in time.  It’s not exactly the most fun space to work on, but it’s a good place to practice subtle influence on space. Here are the best tips we know of for building the perfect laundry room and hiding those heat pumps:

  1.  Make sure you purchase some of the nicer appliances.  People underestimate the power that a nice new appliance can have on influencing how a space looks.  Home Depot has some excellent ones.

  1. Consider budging your wall back a bit and giving your Washing machines room to breathe.  This keeps the space feeling nice and cool.
  2. There are websites out there that compile all sorts of data on where to get the best deal on a washing machine.  Check out this site: www.trocknerland.com/waermepumpentrockner
  3. Consider updating the cabinets in a laundry room as well.  The heat pump dryer can easily be hidden through cabinets much like a chimney sweep.

If you are an architect considering a laundry room project for an owner than consider the above tips in reference to being able to properly hide your heat pump dryer.  If not, you may end up creating quite an eye sore.

Tips – Where To Hide The Heat Pump Dryer?

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