Architectures think of new ways of designing structures so that they are more functional, aesthetic and will stand the test of time. Every year, architects come up with new designs. Here are the top five architectural trends of this year.

Rotating skyscrapers


The tall towering building will have floors that will complete 360-degree rotation in every 90 minutes. You no longer have to fight for an east facing apartment. The suites in this apartment will cover all directions. The building will be equipped with many wind turbines that will generate electricity.

Indoor parks

This park will have four landscape topologies – steppe, tundra, wetland and forest. Micro-climates will be integrated to allow the park to function even at extreme winters. There will be regulated temperatures inside the park. There will be controlled the wind and simulated daylight.

Green power plants


By giving the power plants a makeover, they will serve two purposes. First, they will beautify the structure and second; it is a news way of dealing with CO2 emissions. The facilities will be wrapped with the skin of creeper plants. These skins will be strategically placed so that it softens the exterior aesthetic of the plant and will absorb CO2 emissions.

Chinese architecture


Chinese architecture is known for the tallest and most unusual-looking architecture in the world. Other countries will be following China’s footsteps.

One thing evident from these new designs is that the architects are emphasizing on sustainable building. The trend is moving towards environmentally friendly structures.


Top 4 architectural trends for the next decade

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