Cleaning the floor may look like such an easy task to do. But it is sometimes really a hard work that will take your energy. What makes it more energy draining is that you keep scrubbing over and over without seeing any changes. Especially in the kitchen, where there are different kinds of spills.

Your tiles look beautiful where they are newly laid, the sparks and systematic arrangement all adds to the beauty. However, this might not take too long if the tiles are not properly taken care of. In such a short time it might begin to look grotty, and always stained.

There are several ways to keep your tiles clean sparkling. With the right techniques, you wont have to bother about grotty floor tiles.  Here is the ultimate guide you need to cleaning your tiled floors.

Sweep and Vacuum The Floor First

For some people it is like a culture to always sweep, while to others it is based on necessity. It makes more sense to sweep and vacuum the floor daily even before you apply any water to your tiles. Sweeping and getting rid of the whole grains of sand using the vacuum will reduce the level of stress you should have gone through. Some people vacuum clean too fast, how to vacuum clean the tile floor is to take your time and suck up the dust and dirt totally. When using the vacuum, ensure that you vacuum the grout to remove any dirt that occupies that place.

Hit On The Tough Stains First

Some stains are really stubborn especially in your kitchen, you just have to scrub and scrub before they are cleaned off. One of the fastest ways to reduce your stress during cleaning is to make sure that once you have a spill, you cleaning as soon as possible. Mean while, to clean tough stains, rub on it your stain remover liquid and leave it for about 8 minutes and go to other places to do the same. Come back after 8 minutes to wipe off gentle.

Get Down To Grouting

Most people find it really unnecessary to do especially when they have vacuumed and swept. But grouting keeps the inner lines clean, and shining just as the tiles itself.  Having dirty grout makes the tiles look as though no work has been done. So be sure to get down to grouting for a clean shining floor.

Just Mop

Now that the grout is clean and the stubborn stains have been wiped off, it is just the right time to mop. Just mix you cleaning liquids. However, a warm water and vinegar can really be great, it cleans like magic. Mop the floor with the liquid and rinse it properly before drying it.

Cleaning can really be a hard work if you are not cleared on how to go about it. To reduce your stress, ensure your tiled floor is properly clean and maintains its spark, these guide will really go a long way in putting a smile on your face.


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